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Teresa Irvin McCurdy, President and CEO

Representing clients in the energy business and other business sectors, she has had a remarkable record of success for her clients. As an Energy Specialist, she utilizes all of the training of a lawyer with the tenacity of a lobbyist and congeniality to see that energy projects progress with as few impediments as possible. From all-things-Marcellus Shale to alternative energy; from electric generation and supply to emissions standards, Teresa has it covered – and then some. Not only does she provide timely information and open the doors to crucial decision-makers, she also tracks down grant and financing opportunities along the way.

While Teresa is a meticulous gatherer of information and a heady analyst, her most important trait is her tenacity -- getting to know the client from the inside out in order to provide them with a comprehensive approach to strategically manage issues they are facing on and off the Hill.

Teresa uses her in-depth knowledge of her clients to help them project an appropriate public image, whether through new websites or brochures, or through press releases and media events. She was a social media devotee before it became a worldwide sensation. As a business development pro, she realized early on the importance of social networking and can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

As a consultant for Hydro Recovery LP, she has connections with all of the major players in the Marcellus Shale arena, is the Subcommittee Chair on Water/Waste for the Pa Independent Oil and Gas Association (PIOGA), handles all of the companies government and public relations efforts and has secured the majority of their clients via her business development efforts.

She holds a BA in political science from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. She is currently on the board of the American Red Cross of the Susquehanna Valley and is active in Leadership Harrisburg Area.

Recently married, Teresa was formerly known as Teresa Irvin Copenhaver. 

Contact Teresa at Teresa@TDConnections.com or on her cell at 717-329-6402.

View Teresa's profile on LinkedIn at "http://www.linkedin.com/in/teresairvinmccurdy"

Daniel D. McCurdy, Jr.

Although Dan’s main occupation is business development in the public sector selling information technology, Dan initiated the company’s involvement into the residential retail of electricity and natural gas via a multilevel marketing networking company.  Together Dan and Teresa formed a partnership with a company that focuses on analyzing business and industry utility bills to determine which electric or natural gas options work for them in saving substantial dollars on their energy bills.

Working behind the scenes, Dan represents TD Connections as its CFO and CIO.

Contact Daniel at Daniel@TDConnections.com or on his cell at 717-576-7200.