The Need

Few companies can claim to be subject matter expert's in all issues that affect their business.  Whether you are a business or an individual, we all seek out experts to help us in matters where we have no expertise, such as legal advice, healthcare, engineering, or construction. 

Although most companies are painfully aware how regulations or adverse government measures affect their business operations in many aspects, this is the one area in which many companies take a reactionary or passive approach rather than a proactive one. 

As a lobbyist and as a member of various associations, we have witnessed companies who prefer to fly under the radar and not take a proactive approach with respect to legislation, regulations, and permitting. The problem that arises with this approach is that a company must deal with the consequences of inaction eventually.  

Sometimes the inaction can result in costly changes in operations or the hurdles for a business that may ultimately cause its demise.  

Why Us?

TD Connections was formed to help clients utilize our “six degrees of connections” with businesses, associations, and government/public sectors to affect public policy and reach the client’s objectives.